Laser Hair Removal…Not just cosmetic!

Seeing adverts for this service, including my own, does aim more towards the vanity angle but what about all the ladies who are suffering anxiety and embarrassment from unwanted facial hair?

This can be a worry and cause of anxiety for many ladies as it’s not the norm for females to use a razor on their faces.

Every lady who comes to my clinic with unwanted facial hair are all really embarrassed and think it’s only them that suffer, or that they will be the worse case that I’ve seen. It’s a very delicate subject and I have full sympathy for all and see how distressed some clients feel having this ‘problem’.

As we mature and our bodies go through changes, our oestrogen levels decrease so then the normally lower levels of testosterone can affect hair growth, seeing many woman with patches of darker/thicker hair appearing on their chin, top lip and sometimes across the cheeks. Wether the hair is shaved, plucked or waxed the ‘problem’ just keeps coming back. Skin is rough or sore from constantly trying to keep on top of the regime, and the individuals are always conscious that they may have missed a stray one and they will get found out at work or when out with friends.

⚡️⚡️⚡️ When opting for laser hair removal after just a few sessions the hair will be much improved! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Yes it’s that simple!

Depending on the colour of the hair, medical background and sun exposure (all will be explained in-depth at a free consultation) but mostly ladies see a huge improvement even after just one session.

Hormonal conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovaries) which does affect excessive hair growth or other medical conditions can have laser hair removal but it might be used as maintenance and not a long term solution, although great benefits are had by these clients.

I treated a lady who did have hormonal growth, she was having to shave twice a day ( taking a razor to work and tidying up at lunchtime) this caused her much embarrassment, so once she had started laser hair removal she just had a treatment every 8 weeks which massively improved her confidence… and her skin!

Once treatment has begun most ladies report the difference in their skin is really noticeable, smoother and brighter as not as much home care needed.

I enjoy to see the shift in my clients confidence once they notice how much reduced the hair growth is. Plus they report that the hair that grows back is usually much finer so not as noticeable.

Because the laser targets the melanin (pigment) in the hair, once we loose pigment i.e. hair goes grey, it no longer absorbs the laser energy so cannot be treated. So many ladies say how they wished they had tried laser earlier as all the darker hairs clear so well, it’s just the non pigmented (grey) hairs that they are left with.

The treatment only takes a few minutes and the redness which occurs usually fades within an hour. It feels like pin pricks but each pulse only lasts for a fraction of a second so there’s no reason to be put off.

Prices start at £35 per session, appointments 4 weeks apart.

It’s pay as you go so no need to find hundreds of pounds to start.

So wether it’s Puberty or the Menopause causing unwanted hair growth there IS something you can do and you DON’T have to suffer in silence!

Come along for a chat and let’s deal with it before it becomes an issue!

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