I’m sat in the hairdressers covering my grey thinking… WHY?

Why do I feel I need to come down every few months to cover the hair which is gradually getting greyer and greyer…?

  • is it because I enjoy the attention and care my hairdresser takes each visit, he listens to what I want and gives me realistic expectation of how it will go?
  • am I disguising the de colouration of my hair colour because I don’t want to admit how many years I have under my belt?
  • or simply just because I want to feel the best I can feel with an appointment once every couple of months

I don’t really care people knowing my age and I’m not trying to turn the clock back, but yes I do want to look in the mirror and feel that I’m looking MY best, minimum effort and semi-regular visits keep me feeling OK about myself.

We visit the salon/barbers regularly and just consider its part of what we do. The upkeep of a new style/colour is minimal really once we have made the effort and been for that first appointment.

…So, what’s different with your skin/skincare?

When at work/meeting friends/on the train/shopping/etc. people aren’t just looking at your hair. Mostly it’s your face that is getting the attention. When we talk to one another we generally get eye contact, or at least in that direction. Quite often we tie our hair back if it’s not ‘on point’ or at least looking half decent. But what does this do??? …exposes more of our face so really, it’s more important to keep your skin as good as it can be!

As we age our faces take on more expression (trying to be polite about wrinkles) and we don’t have the same bright skin tone. Those fine lines across your face and around your eyes seem to be getting more noticeable and deeper.

Yes, injectables can stop our face moving and plump up the loss of volume which naturally occurs in the ageing process, and that’s great for some people, but do we have to go that route to feel good when we look in the mirror?

Even if you do have Botox and fillers if you don’t have good skin you’re not going to get the best effect.

Looking after your skin may seem difficult to do. There is so much variation out there how do you know which way to go? Good products aren’t cheap, and we’ve all bought items because they look nice or smell good or the packaging is just fab, and it will look great on your dressing table!

Knowing which products suit you best can feel like buying a lottery ticket, or you just grab whatever is on offer while pushing your shopping trolley around Tesco’s!

Where is the best place to go, do they use the same quality as your home care so is it worth the investment?

Well it’s not necessary to go buy a whole range from the off set, you shouldn’t feel pressure to spend your hard-earned money on all the products that generally you’re not even sure what it’s supposed to do?!

Firstly, you need to establish a good skincare routine, start with the basics and move on gently, with confidence (as it builds from seeing results).

Identify what you would like to achieve with your skin;

  • your having breakouts so would like clearer skin?
  • Your face is very sensitive and dry so needs hydrating
  • Those fine lines are getting more apparent and you’d like to look better
  • You just don’t have that beautiful peachy skin any more…

All these and more can be easily improved with the right products and a strategy moving forward.

 …OK so the peachy glowing skin of a child will be a little trickier to achieve… 😉

The skin cell renewal of a child is so much faster than an adult, this means their skin cells are renewed much quicker than when your skin matures, keeping that peachy gorgeousness that makes their skin so kissable 😚

Our Epidermis (outer layer of the skins surface) is continually renewing. As the dead cells are exfoliated away as we wash our faces (and hopefully exfoliate too) plumper newer cells break through from the dermis (deeper within the skin) to replace the shedded cells.

For children it’s a 28 day cycle so lovely fresh juicy round cells, which come up from deeper layers in the skin, replace the outer ones at a much quicker rate.

 It slows down to 50-60 days as we age. The outer cells end up looking like cornflakes as their journey to the surface takes over twice as long. The obvious answer then to improve the look of your skin is to speed up this cell turnover and get rid of those cornflakes sat on the surface of your skin! …easy?!?!

To start your regime, you just need a few good products;

  • cleanser
  • Moisturiser
  • SPF

Then just build on that 😃 as you keep noticing the difference to your skin adding an Exfoliator (to keep on top of the cornflake situation) and then Serums to increase collagen production/control acne/hydrate skin/etc. depending on the individual.

Improvements can be seen quite quickly once you begin your journey, and the more you understand about your own skin the easier the decisions become.

It is NOT one size fits all!! You need a personalised action plan which will work for you!

50% of your skincare can be done at home, but I would recommend 50% in clinic to really start you off in the best way.

In clinic we do ‘Hyper Customized’ facials and peels which can target multiple conditions on your face, neck and décolletage, getting the most out of your treatment and giving you confidence you are improving your skin.

I offer free consultations where we can discuss your options, if you’re working towards a special event that you’re wanting to see the best results for then we can put a plan in place which can suit your timescale and budget.

The Retreat uses the AlumierMD range of ‘Cosmeceuticals’. It’s a ‘Luxury Medical’ brand which cannot be bought from anywhere apart from trained professionals. The products contain active ingredients which make your skin work and get real results.

Facials start from only £35 and homecare is also available from £35 (my best seller… Moisture Matte SPF (sand), goes on like a make up but a physical SPF, protecting your skin while making it look great – £35! A really good way to test my brand… everyone loves this)

So the rest is down to you… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

For Questions or to book please give the clinic a call… 07967107313

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