What is it? Why should I join? How much is it?


After paying a monthly membership for a gym for months and never using it I realised all that my money is being wasted and I get nothing in return. No results from all that was promised upon joining and I’ve seen no benefit AT ALL  (unless I find my own motivation and start up again, but no one cares one way or the other). 


How about a monthly membership which you DO get something for? And that you get an appointment every 6 weeks to keep on top of your skin health? Plus a manager that cares and chases to make sure you appear at your next session, but WONT make you do press-ups as punishment! 

You CANNOT fail at this gym as your skin will be improved through little or no effort by yourself!

In my clinic I like to offer clients the best treatment plans and solutions that I can that fit into their budget, and schedule, as smoothly as possible. 

After an initial consultation we make plans for what your skin needs, as far as which treatments and home care would be the best for you. We can discuss facials and skin peels, and all the different options that would be best for you. We will put a plan together to build a home care regime that’s not scary, and as you build trust in ‘SkinGym’ and your results you can add products as we go.

The treatments are all bespoke so each visit you get what is needed at that time; 

 -Summer has come to an end and holiday season is just about over, a good exfoliating facial with an added hydrating mask may be what you need.

-If there’s a big event coming up that you want to look your best for we can do a radiant peel? 

-Maybe you have a breakout and need a deep cleanse and detoxifying treatment?

-Your feeling like your skin is looking tired so want an anti-ageing treatment with a Vitamin A boost?

There are so many options out there all promising results so it’s difficult to know which way to go, what creams/serums to buy, what will suit you…

Here at the ‘SkinGym’ we are at hand to guide you effortlessly through the beginning stages of your new routine. Ready to give advice and take all the guess work out of treatments and products. 

Each visit, as well as looking forward to a relaxing treatment you can feel confident knowing your skin health is improving, get the appropriate facial for you at that time, and leave knowing it’s all covered in your membership package.

Plus… when you sign up you get FREE products to get you started!!


Membership starts at just £25 per month… Can you afford NOT to join? 

⭐️SkinGymMember   £25pm FREE Sunscreen + 50% voucher

⭐️⭐️SkinGymPlus     £35pm FREE Cleanser AND Sunscreen + 50% voucher

⭐️⭐️⭐️SkinGymVIP £45pm FREE Cleanser/Sunscreen AND Moisturiser + 50% voucher

So for about the same price as 1 x G&T per week you can look after your skin, use fabulous products and enjoy the benefits of SkinGym@Retreat 


I also offer you the chance to come along free of charge to sample the homecare products. This way you know your buying something you like the feel/smell of, and that its suited to your skin. This is a ‘WarmUp session’ 

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